Our Pastor

The Conley Family

Pastor Kyle, Leah, Apple, Judson, Walker, and Kylea​h

Pastor Kyle came to Pioneer Baptist Church in June of 2009 and since that time, the church has seen steady growth and effectiveness for God’s kingdom. Born and raised in rural west Kentucky, Pastor met his best friend and ministry partner, Leah while attending Bible College in Northern California. Married in June of 2003, together they have 4 children-Apple, Judson, Walker, and Kyleah.

Believing that it is the preaching of God’s infallible Word that changes lives, Pastor Kyle delivers each message with a down-home but fiery passion as he seeks to take eternal truths and apply them to daily living so that each listener can “Take the next right step.”  The messages you hear will be straight to the point, challenge you in your walk with the Lord, and bring both encouragement and conviction in your life. 

While Preacherman (as many call him) is an accomplished martial artist, marksman and an avid outdoorsman and hunter, there is absolutely no denying that his greatest pursuits in life are God’s glory and will, his wife, his children’s faith, the health of the church, and the souls of lost people. To meet or hear from Pastor, reach out to him via email or phone. He will be glad you did- and so will you.