Who We Are

At PBC, church means life- life lived in harmony with God’s Plan and God’s People.  We are a people of varying histories but the same future. While we know that we’re not called to sameness, we do believe that we are called to oneness. Therefore, Church means united purposes, carried burdens and shared victories. We’re striving to be exactly what Jesus designed us to be- a body. At Pioneer, “church life” can be summed up in what we call the 4G’s: GATHER, GROW, GIVE, GO.

  • We GATHER together faithfully for worship and spiritual growth.
  • We GROW together in our relationships with the Lord and with each other.
  • We GIVE generously and sacrificially of our time, talent, and treasure to God’s work.
  • We GO out both personally and corporately with the message of life in Christ.